TGEA is dead… Long live T3D?

Well, not for us.  For the development timeline we have, an engine switch – with all the work to convert the kit over to a new engine that is not even OUT yet, and learning the engine, art pipes, and everything else – it’s just not viable if we want to stay even close to on target.  So we’re sticking with TGEA.

But it sounds like GarageGames is deprecating TGE and TGEA in favor of a new, from scratch engine they’re calling Torque3D, or T3D.  Along with the new engine and new name, it looks like GG is shifting away from their previous stance – and client base – of mostly hobbyist devs, toward a much more intense focus on indie devs.  People who are actively making games and trying to make an indie-level business from that work.

So T3D is going to have a higher pricetag, and with it commeasurately higher expectations.  GG has always gotten away with rather ramshackle customer service because the community has largely been so helpful, and the software so cheap.  I wonder if the former will remain the same, if the latter changes…

I can see their point, though.  Having tens of thousands of Torque users doesn’t help GG market their product further, if 99.9% of those users release no products using the engine.  Much like the boat Realmcrafter is in – an engine needs a steady stream of quality releases to prosper.  RC is missing that, and it’s hurt how seriously the engine is taken as a result.  Torque at least has some releases, but nowhere near what GG would like to see, I think.

I expect we’ll see a lot of nurturing going on from GG toward those small companies they see as ‘serious’ enough to generate good new games.  That will be good for those people.  It remains to be seen if they are going to be able to accomplish that AND still retain the level of support they have always had for hobby devs, though.


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  1. Jeremy

    Hey Kevin,

    You are completely correct. RC and GG both haven’t really had the releases to bring enough attention to them. I think GG’s ability to release XBox 360 content was a step in the right direction…now if only the can get more made than just mini-games.

    Keep us updated!


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