Almost deadline!

Madly trying to add in other things that should have been added ages ago. šŸ˜‰ Note to self: making an MMO in four months while working, taking anatomy & physiology in college, taking care of a pregnant wife AND two toddlers is probably not the brightest thing one can do!

This week I have finished adding all the armor items to the game. Crafting those items is planned – and the recipes are all written out. But that may or may not make it for May 1st.

I’ve greatly expanded on the feel of the world. I’ve added foliage all over the place to give some depth and realism to open snowy fields. The swamps have swamp grass rising out of the water and around trees on the hammocks. Tree planting has gone into style in a big way, with a lot more forestation.

In addition to the rats, there are now multiple spawns of grey wolves, winter wolves, and young ice spiders. Spawn areas of skeletons, various other ice spiders, and a few other critters are still in the works.

Added more buildings to the town area, and a ruin in the swamp. Really need more ruins around in a couple of places, but those, again, will need to be added later.

A few more screenshots!

What was once a yawning hole, now the opening to a mysterious cave...

Deep in the swamp.

Ruins, home of the undead.
Winter wolves.

Wait til you see their big brothers...


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