Shadowbane, and endgames

Shadowbane reopened on their 5th anniversary, closing all the old servers and opening three new ones to replace them.  I grabbed a few dozen guildmates and we popped back in to have some fun there – been a rush so far!  Got not one, but two cities up, and have a good start on building them up.  Looks like it’s going to be a competitive server.

Playing an open pvp/conquest game like this reminds me of my roots, which are all about open pvp.  I’ll be honest: I hate most pve games.  Boring.  Doing the same quests as everyone else, that DO nothing, just doesn’t work for me.  Don’t really care for most singleplayer games, either.  For whatever reason, it’s the communities players form, and the way they interact and develop a story in the game world that really interest me.

ROTH was originally envisioned as a game similar to Shadowbane or Eve, where players would be able to conquer or claim areas, and fight each other for them.  Somehow, that didn’t seem as easy to implement with Torque as it was with Realmcrafter (hey, every engine does SOMETHING really well – and other things less so…) since state changes to interiors are tough in Torque.  So I dropped it.

I still have mixed feelings about what I replaced it with.  A pve based game where the players are still able to generate a story that really impacts and changes the world has really never been done before.  And I’ll be honest – it’s outside the scope of this competition, too.  It’s going to take a lot more work after the event is over to bring that to fruition, although I’m looking at ways to implement it in the long run, and IF it’s even really possible.  In the meantime, I can get the basic framework in place, so that I can add the elements needed for story as time goes on.


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