Moving to MY server!

Right now I’m keeping the demo limited. I have a few MMO guildmates with the client, plus Dave (Dream Games) and James (an artist who has done some work I’ll be adding shortly), but they all have the old client, for the server Talentraspel hosted, which will be coming down in a day or so, now that my own server is live.

Yes! My server is now running, and the one Tal set up will be deprecated in favor of the one Z!re has sponsored me with. I’ll be sure to pass along a review of APIServers as I test, but so far, so good: the server has been running four hours now just fine. And when I finally found out my server woes were a config issue, Z!re had the problem fixed in no time (turns out it was a TCP/IP configuration issue).

By this coming weekend, I plan to have a more open demo. What I will probably do is place a registration form on the website (, and manually generate accounts for people who request access. That way, I can still track who has access in the game, but I can still open the doors for a wider array of folks. I’ll also be posting a feedback link, to a tool that Dream Games has provided for online feedback tracking – one critical element of the contest is for us to take playtester feedback and use it to improve our games. We’re being scored on how well we do this, so quality feedback is crucial.

I plan a TON of patching over the coming two months. There is still MUCH work to do before this is really a game, and not a ‘walk and talk’ demo.


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