Server is up!

Server is up!

Thanks to some critical help from Talentraspel ( in getting the server set up and live, my server is now functioning, client is compiled, game is ready to roll.

I’m still going to hold off the public release until tomorrow evening, to give me a bit more time to work on some more content and features. Right now it is a VERY rough prototype. I have a few items, a few NPCs, a couple of things to kill, a quest, a lot of placeholder art, and a growing buglist.

Luckily, I *do* have a working patcher system. So I will be running patches on a very rapidfire pace for the next couple of weeks as I polish and add to the basic framework.

It’s going to be an exciting run. With the “can I do it?” of getting the server live out of the way, now it’s time to focus instead on the two month home stretch to the final entry, and making the game as dynamite in that time as possible.


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