Mine Dungeon Screenshots

Well, got a couple of shots here for you of the mine dungeon I was talking about last week. It took more doing than I thought to get this in the game – I imported and there were ALL KINDS of light leaks, and moved brushes generating holes big enough to put a foot through. Turns out Constructor has HSR – Hidden Surface Removal – on as a default. This system removes faces that it thinks shouldn’t be there. On a model built for it, it reduces polycount, which is great! On a model that’s a bit messy like an organic tunnel, it generates big holes in the mesh. 😉

HSR off, export works perfectly on the first try. Here’s a couple of shots:

Mine dungeon.

Another shot of the mine.


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One response to “Mine Dungeon Screenshots

  1. RoeBear

    OK, “Kingsfield” comes to mind at first glance. 🙂

    Looks good though. The changes in elevation give it the realistic touch.

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