Well, been plugging away slowly but surely on ROTH, and have some shots to show for it finally. šŸ˜‰ The zone is still in the early stages of layout – they’re quite large, and will need some time and effort to fill adequately! But I’ve taken shots of a few of the areas that have been filled in a bit.

No grass yet; I’ll be laying down bits of winter grass around the area once the rest of the terrain is firmed up a bit more.

Winter forest at night, with a river burbling by it. Worked hard to make that river look right, with just the right specularity and flow animation!

Interiors are being reworked for a bit less cartoony appearance. Anyone who has been following my blog can see this is a bit of a departure from the old buildings…

This WILL be the entrance to a dungeon area – right now, the hole is cut and the entranceway set, but I still need to add the DIF tunnel behind it and particle mist rising from the river.

Another forest shot.

A panoramic view – the zones really can be QUITE large, and will take some serious exploring. I’m using mountain ridges to break up line of sight and make the world seem even larger.

Hope you enjoyed! More to come, of course – I’m in “high speed” mode at this point. šŸ˜‰


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