Winter zone

Snow, ice spiders, dark dungeons, fire magic, explosions, desperate struggles against hopeless odds… Can’t beat it with a stick, right?!

Core storyline is complete. Design doc rewrite in progress. Fleshing out the details for the design right now. I plan to release a new version of the design doc before the demo is due, so people can see where I went with this.

Running with Talentraspel’s variant on the PG Kit. It’s based on a slightly older Torque, but it’s stable as a rock, and has the same core code as the most recent Minions of Mirth – which I *know* can handle a couple hundred players concurrently. The engine is installed, databases are all working, server is running locally. I’ve built the primary zone in L3DT, imported the heightmap, textured it (although tweaks on that are ongoing), and have edited in the town area, castle area, first dungeon area, and a river running through the center wth running water that actually looks pretty darn good. That water took more work than anything else, believe it or not…!

Plan is to largely finish that core zone next week, and then to get key game stuff in place – dialogue, skills, spells, items. Once that’s done, the core zone will be gone over again to add in NPCs, stores, trainers, quests, and such – to make it into a game, instead of a pretty place you can walk around.

The target is to have all of that done by a week before the demo deadline, which will give me a week to get it up on my server and running properly.

The last month will be spent beginning a belated marketing campaign to build PR for the game, and to further flesh out the world with more regions, dungeons, and things to do. I can make the game incredibly complex – the design, as you’ll see, is very expandable. The main thing will be, it’s also very UNcomplex at the core, so that I can introduce the initial elements, and then build on them from there should I choose. The core should still be fun, and the expandability gives it longevity if I want.

I was going to post some screenshots today, but realized as I was looking over the zone that I haven’t added vegetation yet, and it looks a little bland still. So, screenshots next week! Stay tuned…


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