Three months left of the contest.  Technically, 88 days til final submission.  And only 55 days til the demo is due.

HallsofValhalla has already dropped Forsaken Sanctum out.  I’m not seeing updates from some other projects, too.  Like I said at the start, the real question would be how many people can finish at ALL.  I hate dropping out of things.  So over the last week, I’ve given this some thought.  I may never use the game I make here again.  I may drop it completely after this contest.  But like I learned things from entering the Realmcrafter contest, I’ll learn from entering this one, too.

The problem is, even the most reduced version of the game I’ve been designing is complex as heck.  And I have under two months to have a demo on the web.  And basically all I have done is a couple of buildings, some of which I am not really all that happy with anyway, and a design doc and some stories.   So what I have decided to do is table the *ENTIRE* old design, in favor of a massive rewrite.  The core concept of a story based game will be retained.  Everything else is being dumped in favor of a new theme.

I have under two months to get the demo done.  By myself, or mostly so.  I only know of ONE other person who has ever made a playable 3D MMORPG from scratch in under two months.

Of course, that was me.  😉

See you next week!


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