100 Days

There’s now 100 days left.  Out of 365 to start.  Technically, only 69 days left before the contestants need a demo up, or they’re – disqualified? docked points? – not sure, the rules are not really very clear on that.

But one hundred days to get the game done.  Which means 265 have gone by, during which I’ve accomplished some writing and some modeling, and not a lot else.  I’m looking at Talentraspel’s community version of the PG Kit now, and it seems to run pretty smoothly.  Modding it is still going to be a bear, though.

I’m taking next week off.  Really, haven’t done much THIS week, either, been so busy getting ready for travel over the holiday.  I’ll try to pop in while I am away to say “hi”, but it won’t be a big post, most likely.

Going to do some thinking about where to go from here.


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