OK, couldn’t help it.  Reinstalled RC and dug back into it a bit.  Been getting more active on the RC forums, too.  I’m getting the feeling the releases I was mentioning before are not really due out for a bit though…  Maybe another month, or more.  The new server code for RC1 should fix a lot of the major issues that exist, though, and really make it a viable engine for a larger scale game.  Not talking thousands of players, mind, but maybe for hundreds.  That would really be ideal.

I wished from the start that I could have entered an RC game in this contest.  Still think I could have done well with one, even without the DX9 rendering and shaders of RC2.  But the contest was Torque-only, and I thought it would be a good way to get motivated.  That, and RC was having server issues that made a game not really possible, last spring.  Two betatests were attempted by decent teams, and both died because they could not keep their server running.  It’s been a long time, and those problems still exist.  That said, there HAS been one official released game with RC now, which is very exciting.  It’ll be interesting to track how it does, albeit difficult – it’s an educational program for history teachers in Denmark!  Dansken Online, it’s called.


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