Well, I have to say I’m a bit frustrated with Gryphon.  It’s been underway for many moons now, and by the early projections was supposed to be very nearly done at this point.  Which would have been perfect.  Unfortunately, it’s not.  It’s not even close.  It’s not even nearly close.

I can’t blame Dave at all, though.  What with quitting his job to work on indie programming contracts, and ‘little’ life changing events like, oh, having a baby – born last month, and congrats! – he’s been a wee bit busy.

So I guess it’s more disappointment than frustration.  I was looking forward to working with the engine.  It’s hard to draw up the motivation to build anything with the PG Kit.  There’s a new “community version” of the PG Kit that someone is cleaning up, making sure it all runs well, and documenting a bit.  I might check that out some.  I’ve also reinstalled Realmcrafter – with the new server due out soon, the source code already released, and the RC2 version coming out hopefully soonish, it might be a better option.

Of course, that would mean swapping engines.  Again.  And dropping the contest.  And admitting that this past eight months has basically been wasted as far as game design.  *sigh*  Just having a hard time really digging in to the PG kit, and not seeing a lot of other options as far as Torque goes.


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