Working on Story

A major part of development is going to be plotlines. To make this game work, we need a primary storyline (in this case, the ongoing battle between Life and Unlife as represented by the necromancers and undead vs the living) which is pretty well laid out. Players start on the side of Life, but can swap. Players can battle to alter the face of the world by ‘flipping’ magical nexus points to Lifestones or Deathstones – which act to influence the area, and as bindpoints as well.

What I’m doing right now is detailing the second string of plotlines – the subplots. I plan to have at least a few major subplots for each general area of the game. I’m starting off with the Knights’ Keep ones. These I’m going to keep quiet for the most part, although I may post an example, or at least the starting point for one.

Once these are done, I’ll detail specific mini-tasks. More like traditional quests, these will be things players can do, right then, to have some small impact on the world.


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