I can’t do much else on game work right now, so I’ve been spending time thinking about it. Daydreaming a bit, even… Still on some painkillers, still not well, but improving. No more throwing up, which is a HUGE improvement. 🙂

I was even able to get online briefly enough to read over my first few blogs. Not hanging out online much though, still hurts to sit up. But reading those few blog entries again, I think I had something right. My whole “simplest game” focus was right on target. My idea for building a game around one simple idea, and not letting too many frills mess with the design was on target. Where I have started to have issues is that I picked a player-interactive story as the focus…

…and that led me back to player freedom, which led me back to mandatory pvp, control of castles, player-created factions, and so forth. Bigtime complicated features that are largely just beyond what I can reasonably add at this point. But which are essential to create The Game I Really Want. So, what I have decided is that I need to do whatever it takes to give myself permission to create The Game That Can Be Finished, instead of The Game I Really Want.

That might involve a name change of the game. We’ll see; it’s worth considering, because that allows me total freedom in design, without any preconceptions that are still hooked in to the ROTH name. I definitely need to focus back on my core element – story – instead of messing with other stuff.


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