The Problem

I’m having some design issues. And I seem to be about to have plenty of time to think about them. So, first step to resolving a problem is to identify the problem.Role of the Hero is a game I’ve had in my head in concept for a long time now. The central idea has usually been to allow massive player freedom, mainly via conquest of terrain and conflict over resources. A wargame and rpg wrapped into one, not unlike Shadowbane but with better storyline and a world that changes dynamically as the story progresses. It’s always been my feeling that pvp is essential to real roleplaying and real heroism; and not just any pvp, but open pvp (so players can make continuous choices about whom they work with and whom they fight) with enough loss to make it meaningful.

I’m starting to question some of those ideas. Well, I’m being forced to question them. While I could initiate one heck of a game in Realmcrafter, using many of these sorts of features, trying to do so in Torque is going to be problematic. I’ve got two real options for Torque game platforms: Gryphon or the PG Kit. Gryphon isn’t done, doesn’t look like it’ll be done enough by the time I need it, and I lack the Torquescript skills to kick it along myself. The PG kit has its own huge set of issues. The biggest one is that it is inherently GREAT for making a clone of early Everquest; but not so hot at doing anything else with it. The built in feature set really was based on MMORPGs as-they-were five years ago – pre-DAOC – not modern games.

My scripting skills are increasing, but still not up to massive mods of either platform. Any serious mods, I will have to hire out, find someone to team with me for, or simply not do. So I’ve been looking at the original main thrust of what I *said* I was trying to make – a story based game where player action mattered. And wondering if some of the things I thought were essential for that really are.

So, to answer that first question: the PROBLEM is that the engine platforms I have to work with are going to make my desired featureset very difficult to impossible. Now, to find a solution. Like I said, I should have plenty of time while recovering from this surgery to think about things.


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