OK, this next few posts is going to be a bit…unusual. See, they were written, on notebook paper, a few weeks ago. I just haven’t really been able to type – or sit at the computer – for more than a few minutes at a time for a while. This post is written in the “now” of late October, but will get posted as a “then” post, because it explains where I’ve been these past few weeks. WordPress insists on chronological order for blog posts.

It started in late September. I work a fairly physical job – nursing, doing geriatric care mostly for patients with dementia or alzheimer’s disease. And while I was there, I popped a spot in the muscle wall of my abdomen, just north of my navel – a hernia. Not a huge one, but enough to be trouble.

Six zillion doctor visits later – my primary care, the workman’s comp doctor, a surgeon, etc… – I was scheduled for surgery. I approached this with some trepidation. I’m 34, and been lucky enough to have my only ‘surgery’ experience be inserting two screws to help a broken radius heal (Army injury), and a couple of wisdom teeth removed. But the day came, the nice anesthesiologist squirted something into my IV, and I remember talking with him about what it was (something similar to Ativan, can’t remember the name), and then NOTHING else til I woke up afterwards. Nice nap. Not so nice wake-up.

Percoset makes me nauseous. Nauseous enough to vomit. Vomiting with an abdominal incision is not recommended. I spent five days in this wonderful world where I *needed* regular doses of two pills to dull the pain, but that level of painkiller made me sick enough to vomit, which was excruciating. Anyway, long story short – it’s been a nasty few weeks, I’m just now really up and about again (although I’ve been able to do brief surfing for a little bit now), and trying to get back to my project.

I haven’t been able to do anything physical on the project during the worst of the recovery. But I have been doing a lot of thinking and some writing about it. I knew I was going to need some nice blog entries if I was going to keep up, so I kept writing them, and thought I’d share the chain of consciousness from those thoughts with you all.



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