Another model…and some fun TGEA news!

Yet another model, this one for a Hill People dwelling.  This is a roundhouse, modeled roughly after Iron Age Celtic roundhouses.  Unfortunately, a Constructor screenshot does not do complete justice to it, so I’ll try to get some ingame shots soon.  The thick stone base at the bottom is designed to sink into the ground, to allow placement of the model on uneven terrain.  Roundhouses were constructed with wattle and daub sides – that is, woven branches covered with mud.  A frame of logs was pegged to this base, and thatch applied to the logs as a roof.


I’m pretty happy with how the modeling is going.  I’ve got a number of additional models built, along with the ones shown here, and I’m continuing to work on new ones – around a building every day or two, at this point.  I’ve also been working on terrain generation with L3DT, which can generate some truly wonderful terrains!

I’ve been getting some great help in the use of TGEA – that is, the Torque Game Engine Advanced.  With shader-generated water reflection, superior lighting ability, and full use of shaders (including my choice of normal or parralax mapping) for both static and animated objects, TGEA represents a powerful tool.  The downside for this eye candy, of course, is the absolute requirement for Shader 1.0 capable video cards, and Shader 2.0 cards if I opt for parralax mapping.  This trims down the potential userbase some.  I’m leaning toward using basic normal mapping, under the theory that by release, most cards *should* be Shader 1.0 capable anyway.  Even the recent built-in graphics chips can handle 1.0, so it should be a safe move.  What do the readers here think?  Stick with the more accessible basic TGE, or the prettier TGEA that requires Shader 1.0 or 2.0 capable clients?



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2 responses to “Another model…and some fun TGEA news!

  1. Well, if you look out at the market today, you’ll see that pretty much all of the new computers sold have a graphics card capable of Pixel Shader 2.0. Mainly because of Vista. So I think that you are fine in your decision, and overall will cause the game to look that much better to people. Sure eye candy isn’t everything, but it does help.

  2. RoeBear

    I don’t think you’re going to be hurt much player base wise these days by going to Shader 2. I doubt it is much drain on the system while the game is running either. Go for the looks. My vote anyway. 🙂

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