Work is continuing apace on modeling for ROTH.  I’ve uploaded another teaser screenshot, this time of an outpost tower:

Outpost Tower

Along with this model, I’ve been building a number of house type structures, all prepping for the creation of the Knight Stronghold zone.  I’ll save those for the ingame screenshots coming soon though!

I got news yesterday on the status of our sponsored server.  It should be ready for us within the next week, so we should be in great shape for an initial alpha very soon.  We were expecting it a couple of weeks ago, but the delay has just given me a bit more time to work on models, so it’s worked out well.

I posted this material to my GG blog last night, but it seems to have been delayed a bit, maybe due to the holiday.  Anyway – my model shots got some nice replies there last time, so I’m looking forward to seeing what people think of this one, and *really* looking forward to being able to show some ingame shots very soon!


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