To War!

Dratted website is done, but for content. You ever buy a template thinking to save some time, and then after spending 20 hours editing the art, and another 20 hammering the HTML into some sort of readable shape, realize you might have been faster just writing your own from scratch?

Heck, it’s almost a new template now. NO image was left unedited. And the HTML has been rewritten and reformatted, too. So much for my timesaver!

Anyway, I’m off to Pennsic War today – for anyone not in the Society for Creative Anachronism, that’s a huge (14k people) event in western PA where people get together for a week or two, camp in medieval style, wear garb, go to classes on medieval arts and sciences… Oh, yeah, and dress up in recreated armor and beat on each other with rattan swords, spears, polearms, and other assorted weapons.

Picture a field battle, with ONE THOUSAND people on each side. The cannon sounds, and the two sides rumble toward each other at a jog. The crash is audible from a kilometer away, I’ve been told. Looking forward to whumping people for a week.

Anyway, I’m also bringing the laptop for moments when I am watching the twins; I can get some work done. Digital camera will be along as well, I’ve lined up some folks who are participating in the “Warriors of History” events (ultra-realistic armor recreations, everything worn must be documentable from a real period and place) who will let me take photos to use for concept art.

I’ll still be posting a quick blog while I am away, maybe with some photos.


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  1. I envy you for being able to get some images for some concept art! That is exactly where I need to go for my project!

    Oh well. I hope you have a good time bashing people around! Enjoy the good food too.

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