Alpha roster, models, website

Three tasks I’ve been working on this week.

I still intend on an early stage alpha test in September.  I’ve begun carefully recruiting testers for the alpha.  Right now, I have selected 12 experienced testers.  I’m planning on working with perhaps two dozen to start, building to around twice that.  I’ve got hosting which SHOULD work fine for a couple dozen concurrent users, possibly more, so using that hosting to get early feedback should be advantageous.

I’ve been continuing model work on the first zone models.  I want to have the first zone’s architecture and other static models completed for the alpha, if possible.  I may fill in a bit with licensed models if need be, though.  I have a large number of torque-usable models I’ve purchased licenses for, including a lot of old Arteria content.  I’d prefer to use my own work, however.

I’ve got an excellent start on the game’s website.  I’ve had the web address reserved for some time now, but I hadn’t started working on the actual site itself.  However, marketing and community building are big parts of the point scores for the contest (not to mention selling the game!) so a quality website has to become a priority.  I’m working with Photoshop to create a site which I hope will be well received.

I should be able to show more detail on both models and website within the next few days.  It feels good to be making steady progress, again!


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