Moving on…

There’s only so many hours in a day.  So I am going to have to refocus my attention a bit.  I’ve been too scattered, and as a result am not really accomplishing anything.

This game is something I still want to do.  Therefore, I’ve stepped back from working on Gryphon so much.  I wasn’t doing the job they needed there, and in order to DO that job, I would need to drop too much else.  I still plan to help on Gryphon, perhaps in some light modeling.  And maybe once the summer is done I will be able to help there more.

I’m considering stepping down from the teaching role as well.  Again – too much.  We’ll see how that goes, however.

This will give me more time to refocus here.  Whether or not I win this contest, completing this game is important to me.  Getting it published and ideally making profit is VERY important to me.  Reprioritizing is hard, because I would really like to help out the folks who are so excited about Gryphon, and I enjoyed being a part of that.  But doing too many things poorly is horrible; it’s better to do a few things well.

PS: my apologies to anyone who was getting a feed from this site; I think I disabled it by accident.  It’s re-enabled now, and you should be getting notices of posts.


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