Most of my work and attention of late has gone into Gryphon – helping to get some of the public materials ready for the big announcement of the game, upcoming.  I’ve been named Community Director there, which will cover both the relations with the playerbase (once we have one!) and the marketing of the game as it gets closer to release.

The split of attention has been rough.  It’s hard to get things done for both.  BUT – the plus side is, as Gryphon gets more developed, it seems more and more likely I will be able to use it effectively as the engine mod for Role of the Hero.  So there’s some positive elements, as well.

Right now, the engine to be used is still floating, which is slowing some of my of my “gameplay type” design.  Things like how stats, spells, skills, etc. function using the MOM Kit or Gryphon will vary slightly.  And so while I can design broad strokes, the specifics may have to wait til I have a final call on which engine will be used.

In the meantime, I am working on more models – some stone buildings, most recently.  Those will get built into the upcoming first zone for the game.  Modeling static models will be identical for both engines, so it’s a perfect area to be working on!  I’m trying to finish at least one new model a day, and am working on a model list – a complete list of every model that I need for the completion of the game.

The art focus is good for the short term.  Dangerous for the longer term.  I’m going to have to very carefully gauge when I have to make the call, and just go with the engine that looks best.  Development time, testing time, and debugging time are all going to eat up months, and I can’t push them back too far.


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