Moving right along…

Not a whole lot new to report this week.  I’ve been sick part of the week, which hasn’t helped get things done.  And I want to save the new models for the upcoming zone screenshots in a couple of weeks.  Have to have something really new to show folks!
What I have been working on are new models for the zone and tweaking the ones I posted here a bit.  I got a lot of comments that the wood color was too yellow.  Blame it on doing art on a laptop – it looked fairly good there!  But on my screen at home, it’s that bright, blaze yellow.

Lesson: test everything on multiple platforms.  Even art.

Most of the buildings for the Knight town are complete or semi-complete.  Once those are done, I’ll be doing some models of a few outlying areas.  Then I’ll try placing them in a zone.  First zone should be running for a flythrough of terrain and architecture in a couple of weeks.  From there, I’ll flesh it out further, and begin working on DTS shapes for the game – that’s characters, npcs, monsters, and all that fun stuff.



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2 responses to “Moving right along…

  1. Carl

    Is Faction Groups is the name of your game ? I’m interested about it !

  2. Kevin McLaughlin

    The game’s name is Role of the Hero, Carl. Where did you hear about me? 🙂 I’m interested in knowing where folks are coming here from!

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