It feels like FOREVER since I posted a really meaty update, even though it’s just been a week!  I should have some nice ones over the coming month, though.  I’ve been hard at work updating the design document quite a bit.  I’ll post a revised version at some point soon.  Basically though, I’ve been filling in some gaps, tuning a few rough edges, and narrowing the focus of the game still further.

Along with some continued work on the design and documentation, I’ve begun kicking out DIF (static) models this past week, and I thought I would post a few screenshots of the models.  These are rendered in Constructor, so they look very close to how they will look ingame.  There are two sets of models – a wooden pallisade set (complete), and a stone wall set (partial).  When completed, they form a set of interlocking parts which can be used to generate a wide variety of wooden or stone walls.  The nice thing about these sets is their reusability.  Build a new layout, and you have walls for a new town.  Tweak the models – change the textures a bit – and you have a radically different look.  I would ideally like to use as few ‘pack’ models as possible, in order to make my game look unique.  With myself as the sole artist right now, that means a lot of modeling work, so techniques like this which will speed the process and allow reusability are important!

For starters, these models will be used for the knights’ keep and the refugee camp that’s being built up around it.  This area will be a major focal point for the player characters.  I’ve already begun work on other structures for this town, and have a few buildings done – I’ll post those in a future update.

Now – the screenshots!  Kork the orc shows up in these for the purposes of showing scale.
Pallisade 1
Pallisade Stairs
Pallisade Corner
Pallisade Corner 2
Pallisade Spacer
Pallisade Gate
Stone Wall

Stone Wall Corner



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2 responses to “Artwork

  1. RoeBear

    Nice work so far. I like the look of the wood palisade set. Looking forward to this lil word going live. I know it’s a long way off, but I’ll bet you beat DF. 😉

  2. a little late, but props on sharing your design doc, i havent read it, but some people have made comments on it in their blogs (Docoto defense)

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