APIServers Sponsors Role of the Hero

APIServers, a server hosting business that has offered some excellent pricing for small online indie games before, confirmed today their offer to sponsor the Role of the Hero game and contest entry with a one year hosting plan.

The preliminary specs on the server to be provided are:

3400+ AMD
One forwarded IP and a shared 10Mbit/s uplink (1Mbit/s guaranteed)
Windows 2000 Professional

This service will be for one year, with hosting starting around August.

I’d like to sincerely thank the folks over there at APIServers. They’ve advertised inexpensive indie hosting for a few months now over at MMORPGMaker. The prices are excellent, and they are advertising servers capable of hosting a couple dozen concurrent users for about about $35 a month, with the ability to scale service from there as needed. The hosting they are offering me should allow us peak concurrencies of nearly 100 players, more than adequate for my testing phases.

Hosting is one of the more expensive elements of running a small online game, and this offer has taken the sting out of that part of production. I’ve never worked with APIServers before, and I’m interested in seeing how well their products work for my game. One thing I do know, however, is that I am excited to working with their staff. This is an amazing opportunity they have given me, and I look forward to forging a working relationship with them.


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One response to “APIServers Sponsors Role of the Hero

  1. Awesome job! It is great to see other members from the indie community step up and support each other. Not to mention this will be a great way to advertise API Servers to more people interested in hosting. 😀

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