Another battle-weary dev team falls…

Another team has withdrawn from the contest. There’s a lot of stress involved in making this happen, and I think we’ll see more teams depart as they realize the sorts of timetables required. In many ways, a ‘game in a year’ is harder and more stressful than a ‘game in a month’, like the old Realmcrafter contest. Here, after a year of effort, your game is expected to actually be good! 😉

Anyway, the MMORPG “Chronicles Mercinaries Triad”(sic) has withdrawn from the contest:

Pulling Out
After Much debate and consideration, the team and I have decided to pull out of the contest. For the last four months alot our team members have been in some terrible situations that need more time than we all have to offer.
This does not mean we are stopping work on this game, although we will not have it ready for a very long time at least till our team gets through these rough times.
We will work on it here and there when we get the time.
We will try and keep it up to date on our website.

Thanks for your consideration and interests.


My guess is, they’ve realized they’re in week 6 of the contest already, have missed 500 points from missing blogs, 400 more points from missing their April GG blog, and 175 points plus another 25 points for each day from here on if they have yet to submit their design doc. That’s almost 1200 points completely gone already! It’s a rough comeback road if people haven’t kept up with the work.

Best of luck to them in their continued efforts with the game. This isn’t an easy task at all! There’s no dishonor in trying and not succeeding.


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