GarageGames April Blog Up

Added my monthly blog to the GarageGames website today. The contest requires at least weekly personal blog entries, and at least monthly blog entries on GG. It was actually supposed to be up yesterday – and I posted it there yesterday, but it didn’t publish right, so I had to repost it today.

You can see the GG entry here.



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3 responses to “GarageGames April Blog Up

  1. I feel you should add a link to the GG blog to the Important Links on the left side. That way at least people don’t need to remember it. :-p

  2. Kevin McLaughlin

    Hmmm. I can do that. Probably should add a new category though – GG doesn’t track blog entries as one link for each person; it tracks them as one html link per blog. So the link will be different for each entry.

    Still, I can just stack up the links in a new sidebar category, I think.

  3. Well, just for people who visit here, such as myself. It would be easier to simply click on the link to read the GG blog. 😛

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